New Years Eve Outfit

I usually don't do outfit posts, actually I never have; but today is the exception. It's quite early, about 12 o'clock here in New York, but in a little while I will be heading over to the city to celebrate the new year. So it's quite obvious I have no time to write today; but nonetheless, I wanted to post. So here is my ever-so-wonderful New Year's Eve outfit.

Happy New Years Eve! Comment.

Dress and Necklace: Urban Outfitters. Tights and Tie (turned into a waistband): American Apparel. Flats: Calvin Klein.

Want Fur?

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Can I interest you in a fur coat now? Boycott it.

My Inspiration That Was a Teacup

It's pretty ironic actually... I was inspired by my last post. After I wrote it, I immediately started hunting through the internet looking for more inspirational photographs, but I found none that had that special spark. Then I became hungry and went into my kitchen.
On my walk over, I was met by a dainty discontinued vintage teacup. Now usually I would walk right by it, but today I started gazing at it, truly noticing its beauty.
I stared at it long enough to notice that this little teacup had the most amazing color scheme that I could ever find; a matted gold paired with royal blue and a hint of gray. I fell in love and raced over to the internet to make up my soon-to-be outfit. This, I could find.

American Apparel Cardigan. Patterned Shirt from random vintage store. Aviators from Ray-Ban. Accessories and non-skirt from Urban Outfitters. Shoes Calvin Klein. Ribbed Tights Ellen Tracy.

Please forgive me for the absolutely horrid photo; it's me and my awesome Photoshop skills. Unfortunately, the Lux Tulip Skirt from Urban Outfitters (a.k.a. my favorite skirt) ripped the day before I took this photo, and therefor, I had no skirt to take the picture with. So I took a picture of me in the outfit without it on then cut my body in half and added it in the middle. So as you can imagine, the whole outfit doesn't lay right, and looks 1,000% better in person but you get the point...
Inspiration is in everything.
(I'll upload the real photo in the sidebar a.s.a.p.)

Pictures for Thought

Today is the day after Christmas and I'm sitting here looking at inspirational photos. How interesting. How my life. Anyway, I'm not here to rant.

I don't have much time to write because I'm heading off to blow all my new found mulah, but I decided to show off some of my favorite oh so inspiring photos. Indulge.

Mary-Kate Olsen for NYLON. One of my favorite shots of all time, and the best part is I don't even know why. I'm drawn to it and can look all day. The skirt is wonderful, as are the shoes and blouse, and I have always loved the essence of masks. Oh how I wish they could be worn walking down the streets of New York. Maybe I'll start the trend.

Belle Epoque by Chris Nicholl (for Flare). Any vintage/flapper photos are always inspiration to me. They carry a simple elegance, an intriguing style; subtly being in a room but at the same time making a bold statement. Independence. Glamour.

Alex Lubomirski for Vogue Germany. It's more of a metaphor for me than an inspiring photo itself. When I look at an image like this, I see the world in a different light, as the fashion world alone. A flower is no longer a flower, but a ball gown dress; a plate is no longer a plate, but is tomorrow's outfit color palette.

Songo Romantico by Javier Vallhonrat. The funny thing about my inspirational photos are that most don't have to do with clothing, but a concept; a feeling, a vibe. Each time I look at this picture the model screams different emotions at me: fear, shock, danger, confusion. A stunning shot.

Michelle Babin on America's Next Top Model (Cycle 7). This is my favorite photograph from ANTM. Although it doesn't tackle fashion clothing-wise, it does remind me of the struggle people put up with each day with anorexia and bulimia; and how I never want to go back to it again. Truly striking photo. My ultimate inspiration.

NYLON. a.k.a. the mother of all fashion magazines. Their shoots are so out-of-the-box, so real fashion. They contain no $50,000 ball gowns, but instead regular clothing with designer duds splashed here and there. It's realistic, it's chic, and it's wonderful. But aside from the great NYLON, other fashion magazines in general tend to give me the inspirational drive I live off of, that I thrive.

Oh The Things One Can Find...

The children were nestled all
snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.
--Twas the Night Before Christmas

With Christmas only three days away, today I started to look (more like hunt) for my presents. Although I was not successful in finding much, I hit the jackpot in my parent's closet. How predictable. This is what I found:

Chronicles of Never Cubist Pendant. For some odd reason it appeals to me, even if it only is a disgustingly overpriced cube. If you read the previous post, I see all their work as a piece to a mysterious puzzle. Fascinating.

I love to draw so Prismacolor Colored Pencils are a must-have.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Satchel. I needed a neutral bag to wear with prints, so this was an excellent find. It's so wonderful and I found it on sale for $250.00! Okay, it's not pocket change, but it was $100.00 off at an insane Nordstrom sale!

I am convinced Phillip Lim is an all-knowing fashion GOD sent from above... I just know it. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pleated Trapeze Dress.

No, this is not some sick advertisement. I found a 4Play Gift Certificate... my favorite store to shop in. If you live in New York, you are seriously depriving yourself if you don't go and visit 4Play at least once a month.

Cheap Monday Dry Black Skinnies. They are my absolute guilty pleasure with a pair of pumps.

Along with these I also found gift certificates to numerous vintage shops over here in New York. Yum.

So what did you find? What do you know you're getting?

Chronicles of Never

Founded by Australian designer Gareth Moody in 2006, this new eclectic company puts a new spin on fashion. Moody himself once stated "I don't do chic", and he was exactly right when he said that. Chronicles of Never's lines are based on the fantasy world; one dotted with old gnarled trees and skeleton keys. It seems quite odd, but it does account for the wondrous clothing.

So if the inspiration for his numerous lines don't come from the pages of Vogue like most designers, then where does it derive? Neverland. Yes, you read that correctly. You're probably wondering what this clothing looks like, but I don't think it can even be categorized. Let's just say it's kinda like refined MC Hammer parachute pants meet gritty fashion, or something along those lines. But it truly doesn't matter because, bottom line, their clothes are divine.

People Eater Purple Track Pant. Pocket Singlet and Neo Shoes.

Stripe Gusset singlet and People Eaters Purple Track Pant. Chronicles of Never Ring and Bracelet.

Cotton Blazer with Double Diamond Cotton Trousers.

White Pocket Singlet and Double Diamond Crotch Wool Pant.

Double Scarf over Joker Vest. Extra long hooded shirt; X Long Hood.

A Kate Spade Tote That Packs a Punch

It isn't so often that designer Kate Spade steps into the limelight, so when she does you know people are going to notice.

What exaclty did she do? No, she didn't star in any famous "tapes", get drunk and go to jail, or even flash anyone, but she did come out with this bag that truly makes a statement.

So what does it say that's getting so much attention? The answer is, "Material Luxuries". Okay, okay... I think a lot more people would get the point if the tote itself was cheap (being it would knock designer goods), but that is not the case. This tote is a whopping $145.00.

Want to get one? Well good luck! Right now only 50 are out and only available through a "special source", and unfortunately, Ms. Spade isn't putting out many more. But a thousand or so of these special totes will be released later this month on here website, .

What do you think? Would you pay that money?

The 60's Hits the Runway...

I'm all for the vintage/hippy sixties look but one thing I cannot stomach are tie dye prints, and the fact that they spilled onto the runways this season doesn't change my opinion either. I love ombre prints and think they are quite pretty actually, but for some reason the thought of tie dying my clothing disgusts me... whether designer or not.

Maybe I'm just being tough. I'm sure there are SOME instances where I can handle it, but everyone knows anything overdone is never good for your closets.

I asked some Teen Voguers what their thoughts were on this hippy print and here were some responses:

It kind of ruins tie dye. -- discotech / I like it. -- lizhasredhair / I dont think it fits for this season; maybe this summer it might. But I don't like tie dye so... -- bellatrix / I like tie dye. -- odwalla / I really like it. I like anything tie dye. -- yourasillybilly / I personally don't like it. I'd so much rather stick to the truly vintage look keeping it OFF the runways. -- makemyshoeajimmychoo / I think tie dye on the runway could easily look kinda icky crunchy granola-y. -- luv4twiggy

Well I guess people have different opinions than I do (for the most part), but hey, that's what makes fashion so interesting right? Expression is the word.

So what are your opinions?

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Alexandre Herchcovitch


Spring '08 Trend Report: Lingerie Inspired Wear

Trend #1 for Spring '08: Lingerie Inspired Wear.

The idea of waking up, putting on a pair of my favorite pumps or flats, and walking out the door truly appeals to me. Well of course you can't do that exactly, but designers these days are making it easier and easier to have it feel that way. We introduce to you lingerie inspired wear.

So who makes it? Let's face it, it's not every day you walk into a store that carries these pieces. Well there are incredible designers that both make and carry these lovely facets to any one's wardrobe... Sophie Simmons (as seen in NYLON) and Fleur Wood.

So is the difference between them? Well Sophie Simmons definitely has a more lingerie look to her articles because they are made of a sheerer fabric (warning: some pieces ARE see through so leggings and tank tops as underwear are suggested). Whereas Fleur Wood's fabrics are thicker and have more of an "actual clothing" feel to them. It's a matter of which feel you prefer. Fleur Wood's line can be viewed at and Sophie Simmons collections can be viewed at

Fleur Wood Lace Neck Yoke Tunic.

Fleur Wood Talisha Dress.

Sophie Simmons Colette Shorts.

Sophie Simmons Samantha Romper.

Looking Forward to a Bland Spring/Summer...?

I'm not. When I looked at the Spring/Summer runways I planned to see vibrant, appealing colors that stood out. Bold patterns. Pieces that make a statement. But whoa, was I utterly disappointed.

I browsed the S/S '08 lines once again today (for the 1,000,000th time) hoping to find a glimmer of hope; possible lines that I could come on here and rave about within the next week... but only a few could be found.

So what did I see that I was not particularly fond of? Well, firstoff the lack of color. I like to take risks with my clothing and not many pieces from the lines I viewed showed any exciting colors that jumped off my computer screen. Second, the theme of this runway season seems to be "Greco-Roman" attire, which I despise even more. The togo looks aren't doing anything for me.

But don't get me wrong, some lines were absolutely INCREDIBLE a.k.a. Proenza Schouler, Vena Cava, Hermes, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Anna Sui (just to name a few). I guess I'm going to have to stick to my own inspiration this season instead of looking to the runways. I hope as more Pre Fall lines come out, I'll be a little more satisfied.

So what were your thoughts on this season's Spring/Summer lines? Whose did you love? Hate?




Hate to Say I Told You So (Or Not)...

We all know I am a die hard fan of both Amy Winehouse's style and music. Sure, she might not be the innocent girl next door, or the most sober, but, hey, who are we to judge?
Well on to the news. It has come out that who else but Karl Lagerfeld himself has the same love for Amy as I do! As a matter of fact, he felt so much inspiration coming from Wino that he decided to base a whole new line of Chanel clothing just to to portray Amy's style.
But I do have to say Mr. Lagerfeld, I saw no sign of Amy except in the 'do. So are you serious about "Amy being the next Bardot", or is it just a way to ride on her curt tails for some publicity? Hmmm...

So what do you think?

Vena Cava Heats Up The Runway

Vena Cava is a company that has played it low-key for awhile. As a matter of fact, before this new line, I never even knew who they were; and what I was missing out on. Their style is quite a simple one for the runway, most of their outfits containing only ruffled blouses and skirts. But with this new company, simplicity is key.

The jumper in this shot is wonderful. Although you cannot see in this photo, it has a split-leg and quite thick straps. I even love the color. The next element is the jacket, which I absolutely love. Although it is leather, it isn't motorcycle grunge, and that's quite important; it's not over-the-top. Although they aren't very visible in this shot, the shoes are incredible. While from this photograph they look like quite the mannish shoe, that is not the case. It has a lot of cute perforations that ease down the masculinity.

Now I must admit I don't like these pieces together, but as separates they can look incredible. Let's start with the top. If we untie it, I think it would be much more desirable. I love the color; and although you cannot notice, the sleeves are stitched at that length. I love the skirt, but in fact, I love all skirts like it. What can I say? Matted-neon skirts are my calling. The way it pleats in the middle is wonderful. The bag is quite an interesting shape as well. Although I do have to say, I'm not too crazy for the shoes. But all in all, it's a great look.

I'm going to start right off by saying I do not like the pants. The color is ugly to me, and reminds me more of a western/cowboy look than designer wear. But that blouse is gorgeous, and I love the blue hue. What's interesting about the top is they didn't overdo the ruffles like many designers usually do. The ruffles only appear in the middle. Now these shoes I like. You don't get a good look at them, but they are some amazing metallic. Beautiful.

"Back to Black" Style

What makes Amy Winehouse's style so addicting? It's a question I ask myself quite often. Although it's simple, every time I pick up a magazine I find myself flipping through the pages to see what she is wearing today. It's usually is the same thing... her trademark ballet flats and jeans, but then why do I keep looking? I'm sure my slight obsession over her has nothing to do with it, of course (cough, cough), but what is "Wino" wearing these days that has everyone buzzing?

Rocks the simple looks. (Pictured with Medium Bianca Botkier)

Okay, I am never loving the infamous tacky in-and-out bra straps, but I do have to say, I am loving the sunnies.

I think what people love most about Wino's style is her ability to look killer in something as simple as a black tank... might I say minus the bra straps once again.

But along with her casual threads, I also love the dressy atire as well. That dress is flawless (yes, it's lingerie-inspired wear).

Want to dress like Amy? These are the essentials... and quite inexpensive ones may I add.

Well aside from the clothing, I know there are people that will be asking about the famous beehive 'do. Do I like it? Yes; as a matter of fact, it suits Amy quite well. But that does that mean you should be trying to pull off the famous look? No. A word to the wise...

Ungaro Gets a Fresh Face

After the ex-chief-designer for Emanuel Ungaro left in late July (a.k.a. Peter Dundass), the house's designs have been rather prosaic and lackluster. Over the weekend after long deliberation, they chose Esteban Cortazar (left, pictured), a fresh young designer from Colombia to head the womanswear department.

Cortazar is known for designing many different styles of clothing... from classic little black dresses to trendy blouses. This quality will surely pay off during his reign at Ungaro. Below are some of Cortazar's designs from his latest collection. Like or loathe?

Proenza Schouler Goes Back to Black... Or Lime Green

Proenza Schouler's new Spring RTW line featured many classic looks... all of which included new color palettes for this bold and rejuvenated company. Striking colors and layering plastered their runway. I can't get enough.

This is my favorite look from the whole collection. As we can see, the layering was a major style guideline at all shows, but I do think Proenza Schouler played it best. While other designers paired the same colors together, Proenza Schouler tried a different approach: combining a neutral, a standout, a black (shoes, people!) and white. This is the color combination for the season (or the next!). Although you cannot quite see in this picture, the white blouse is ruffled.

Military chic was also running on and off the Proenza Schouler runway. Once again, we see heavy layering. Although I would never wear the vest because it's not really my style, I would just love to see that dress underneath in a size 0. The color is gorgeous. Many thought it was out last year, but I'm starting to realize the belt-over-shirt look is not so passe. Applique will also be very big next season, and this can be seen through the vest. I adore how they placed a white button-down shirt underneath. Simplistic, yet pleasing.

Yes, this outfit is very similar to the first shown, but I posted it because I love how it has a very curvy look. It is not the jacket that pulls in, or the vest, or the dress, OR the shirt, but the belt itself... it simply makes the outfit. I thought the shoes were very interesting to pair with the look. Although I am not a fan of this type of shoe, I love them paired with this. It calms down the look a little bit. Once again you have the ruffled white blouse peeking through, which helps pull the outfit together. Another instance of why Proenza Schouler is a genius company.