Proenza Schouler Goes Back to Black... Or Lime Green

Proenza Schouler's new Spring RTW line featured many classic looks... all of which included new color palettes for this bold and rejuvenated company. Striking colors and layering plastered their runway. I can't get enough.

This is my favorite look from the whole collection. As we can see, the layering was a major style guideline at all shows, but I do think Proenza Schouler played it best. While other designers paired the same colors together, Proenza Schouler tried a different approach: combining a neutral, a standout, a black (shoes, people!) and white. This is the color combination for the season (or the next!). Although you cannot quite see in this picture, the white blouse is ruffled.

Military chic was also running on and off the Proenza Schouler runway. Once again, we see heavy layering. Although I would never wear the vest because it's not really my style, I would just love to see that dress underneath in a size 0. The color is gorgeous. Many thought it was out last year, but I'm starting to realize the belt-over-shirt look is not so passe. Applique will also be very big next season, and this can be seen through the vest. I adore how they placed a white button-down shirt underneath. Simplistic, yet pleasing.

Yes, this outfit is very similar to the first shown, but I posted it because I love how it has a very curvy look. It is not the jacket that pulls in, or the vest, or the dress, OR the shirt, but the belt itself... it simply makes the outfit. I thought the shoes were very interesting to pair with the look. Although I am not a fan of this type of shoe, I love them paired with this. It calms down the look a little bit. Once again you have the ruffled white blouse peeking through, which helps pull the outfit together. Another instance of why Proenza Schouler is a genius company.


Minnie said...

I love Proenze Schouler, I just wish I bought something from their Target line.

Ana said...

i loved this collection. genius shilouttes

Ana said...

oh btw im Surreal on tv

Miu Miu's Atelier said...

proenza schouler are always right on target i think they're the biggest talent the CFDA awards have produced