Looking Forward to a Bland Spring/Summer...?

I'm not. When I looked at the Spring/Summer runways I planned to see vibrant, appealing colors that stood out. Bold patterns. Pieces that make a statement. But whoa, was I utterly disappointed.

I browsed the S/S '08 lines once again today (for the 1,000,000th time) hoping to find a glimmer of hope; possible lines that I could come on here and rave about within the next week... but only a few could be found.

So what did I see that I was not particularly fond of? Well, firstoff the lack of color. I like to take risks with my clothing and not many pieces from the lines I viewed showed any exciting colors that jumped off my computer screen. Second, the theme of this runway season seems to be "Greco-Roman" attire, which I despise even more. The togo looks aren't doing anything for me.

But don't get me wrong, some lines were absolutely INCREDIBLE a.k.a. Proenza Schouler, Vena Cava, Hermes, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Anna Sui (just to name a few). I guess I'm going to have to stick to my own inspiration this season instead of looking to the runways. I hope as more Pre Fall lines come out, I'll be a little more satisfied.

So what were your thoughts on this season's Spring/Summer lines? Whose did you love? Hate?





Ana said...

well Lanvin was amazing...especially the colors!

Anonymous said...

i could not agree with you more. i found them to be very inspiration-LESS. i love your blog.

iLOVEtheFASHION said...

you are correct although i thought hermes was a little off this season. it was o.k.

but overall i was rather disappointed as well.

your blog rox ma sox. check out mine!

Stephanie said...

Seriously? I loved so so many Spring '08 collections, I can't understand how you would have found them boring... Check out John Galliano, Sonia Rykiel, Alexander McQueen, Wunderkind, Vivienne Westwood, Prada, Mustafa Aslanturk, Marni, Louise Goldin....etc etc and maybe you'll change your mind?