The 60's Hits the Runway...

I'm all for the vintage/hippy sixties look but one thing I cannot stomach are tie dye prints, and the fact that they spilled onto the runways this season doesn't change my opinion either. I love ombre prints and think they are quite pretty actually, but for some reason the thought of tie dying my clothing disgusts me... whether designer or not.

Maybe I'm just being tough. I'm sure there are SOME instances where I can handle it, but everyone knows anything overdone is never good for your closets.

I asked some Teen Voguers what their thoughts were on this hippy print and here were some responses:

It kind of ruins tie dye. -- discotech / I like it. -- lizhasredhair / I dont think it fits for this season; maybe this summer it might. But I don't like tie dye so... -- bellatrix / I like tie dye. -- odwalla / I really like it. I like anything tie dye. -- yourasillybilly / I personally don't like it. I'd so much rather stick to the truly vintage look keeping it OFF the runways. -- makemyshoeajimmychoo / I think tie dye on the runway could easily look kinda icky crunchy granola-y. -- luv4twiggy

Well I guess people have different opinions than I do (for the most part), but hey, that's what makes fashion so interesting right? Expression is the word.

So what are your opinions?

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Alexandre Herchcovitch



Jackie said...

i cannot stand tie-dye. I think it looks cheesy and a bit TOO seventies.

Fashion4All said...

ick. i HATE tie dye... a little too much for me

ashley said...

i generally hate tie dye, but that last look KIND OF makes it look cute.

this is random, but there's this guy that sits next to me in japanese class, and he dresses in exclusively tie dye. EVERYTHING tie dye, down to his socks. he's cool, but he kind of scares me.

Stephanie said...

I think the Balenciaga tie dye looks for F/W 2007 changed my mind about tie dye, before I hated it but now I'm willing to experiment..