The Items for Fall '07... That You Can Really Afford.

So people have been contacting me like crazy to do a post like this, and yes, I do listen to you. So here it is. The "it" items for Fall '07... all for less.

1. Vintage Cardigans. Yes, some of them are making a comeback out of your Grandpa's closet. Seen all over the runway, this look is definitely in. Here are a few pieces you'd love to purchase.

Grandpa Vintage Cardigan. Available from Forever 21. Colors: Gray (pictured) and Black. $15.

Elsa Cardigan. Available at Forever 21. Colors: Eggplant (pic), Cream, and Olive. $25.

Cable Cardigan. Available at Forever 21. Colors: Black (pic). $27.80 .

Kimichi & Blue Long Shawl Collar Cardigan. Available at Urban Outfitters. Colors: Gray (pic), Bright Blue, and Black. 50% off for $30.

2. Metallic and Patent Leather Flats. I have 3 pairs, and I love them. Practical, yet stylish... casual, yet somewhat dressy. They're perfect for a day of lying around the house and going out to a party. Well worth the money.

Lakeland Flats. Available at Nine West. Colors: Gold (pic), Gunmetal, and Silver. On Sale for $30.

Lavetta Flats. Available at Nine West. Colors: White, Soft Orange, Blue, and Black (pic). On Sale for $30-$50.

Fairytales Are True Ballerina Metallic Flat. Available at Urban Outfitters. Colors: Gold (pic), Red, and Silver. On Sale for $38.

3. Big/Cocktail Rings. One of this season's biggest accessories... and to think you don't even need to pay the big price.

Big Stone Ring. Available at Forever 21. $3.80

True Silver Button Ring. Available at Nine West. $25.

Large Vintage Ring. Available at Urban Outfitters. $16.

3 Piece Stacking Ring Set. Available at Kohl's. $7.

4. The "Men's" Look. Here are some items you can wear to achieve this trendy look without breaking the bank.

Striped Linen Pant. Available at Forever 21. Colors: Charcoal (pic). $28.

Herringbone Vest. Available at Forever 21. Colors: Brown (pic). $19.

Bandolino "Cecilea" Bootie. Available at Macy*s. Colors: Black (pic) and Brown. $79.

Rampage Women's Ego. Available From Colors: Gray (pic) and Black. $55.

Halter Vest. Available at Mandees. Colors: Black (pic). $24.

Self Belt Pant (With Removable Belt). Available at Mandees. Colors: Gray (pic). $28.

5. Gloves. The biggest look of the season. So elegant, yet practical. These prices aren't exactly the lowest, but because they're so in demand, these are the lowest prices you are going to find right now. Since this was a post where items were supposed to be reasonable, a lot of beautiful gloves weren't posted due to the price.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but check your local Halloween/Costume store. There were so many metallic opera gloves on costume sites that looked like pretty good quality. Please note that more gloves are also available from It is a reliable site.

Super Long Black Matte Satin Opera Length Shirred Gloves. Available from . Colors: Black (pic). $32.

6. Ribbed Tights. Another of this season's hot accessories... with a hefty price tag. I'm probably wondering the same as you... ribbed tights for $50? WHAT!? For something that will rip? Forget it.

These are all I could find online, but I can guarantee your local Tooties/Hosiery shop will have them for a much lower price.

Tights Ribbed Black Opaque Extra Thick and Warm. Available From Colors: Black (pic). $8.

Ribbed Tights. Available At Avenue Stores ( Colors: Demitasse (pic) and Black. $12.

7. Lame/Metallic Skirts. Spotted on the hottest fashion runways, lame skirts have made a comeback. Although these articles of clothing are often sought as cheesy, if worn the right way, they can become a knockout.

Lame Late Night Skirt. Available at American Apparel. Colors: Gold (pic) and Matte Black. $32 .

I contacted American Apparel and they said they will have "puffy" metallic/lame skirts available within the next month. So when they send me the information I requested, I will post it right away.

8. Hats. That right there is THE accessory this season. And there's one style to go with every look ...

Parkhurst Beret. Available from . Colors: White, Natural, Sandstone, Navy, Black, Red, Heather Blue (pic), and Turquoise. $13.

Solid Wool Buck Band Jet Hat. Available from Mandees. Colors: Gray (pic) and Black (very reminiscent of the Burberry FW 2007 Hats on the Runway) . $12 .

Many Hats are Sold Out so When They Become Available Again, I Will Post More.

Didn't See The Things You Wanted Posted? Questions? Comments? Opinions? Contact and I'll Get Back To You. You Might Even See What You Want in The Next Post (in this series) Within the Next Month.

Get The Runway Look For Less. Vol One

Come on! What girl doesn't love the look for less? I'm about to show you how you can get the look off the runway and into your closet... without breaking the bank.

What's In:

Animal print heels... especially Donald J Pliners. Hmm... about them, how much do they cost? Mmmhhmm... how about a whole $400.00!! Well Naturalizer put out its own version of the Pliners for $50.00. Almost identical!

The Return of the Trench. Yup... it's back! So don't have the money to splurge $1,400.00 on a Burberry coat? Try a Michael by Michael Kors one. For just $65.00 it's a steal! Hey, change the buttons and give it a dye and you'll almost have yourself a match!

Yes, clutches are still lurking on the catwalk. Especially ones made of patent leather. Jalda has has it's own signature clutch on the runway for a while. And did you hear the price? $350.00! Don't have that money? Just go and buy BCBGirl's version of the bag. It's almost identical and a fraction of the price. Only $80.00!

Have any suggestions on more items I should feature the Look for Less articles? E-mail me at with your ideas. They might just get posted!

To Color or Not to Color?

Ombre- having colors or tones that shade into each other -- used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.

That word right there is the basis of fashion this season. What all haute couture designers are following. Not only is it a slimming look, but a captivating (and expensive) one as well.

Although I am not a fan of most of these pieces, the ones I do like, I love. Most of these looks have been modeled after Andy Warhol's color palettes, and not only are a piece of art, but a piece of history as well.

Alberta Ferretti Dress. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Prada Jacket. Available at 1-888-977-1900

Louis Vuitton Top. Available at 1-866-VUITTON

If The Glove Fits...

Wear it! Season after season we have seen the gloves constantly reinventing themselves. From the homeless style with no fingers which made an appearance on the catwalk three years ago, to mittens just last year, we have finally come to, my favorite glove, the evening glove.

So what is making them hop off the runway into my closet? The way they appear. When I see them, I think 40's Hollywood glamour. Mysterious, yet ritzy. Classic, yet new. They seem to magically come together with a short wrap or a coat. Effortless, but so chic. Sheer genius.

Let's take a look at some of the hot glove styles off the runway...

United Bamboo. These are the gloves I love. Metallic slouchies. Don't they look killer? I wouldn't have, personally, paired them with all gray. It's a little too blah for me, but I do love that look. Also, I'm noticing this year on the runway, that United Bamboo is pairing a lot of vests with blazers. They give a very sophisticated, layered look, without getting too busy. It's a look you could pull off, which is rather hard to find on the runway.

Y & Kei Water the Earth. Along with the metallic gloves, you also have patent leather. If worn correctly and paired with pieces that match, this look can look perfect. Two-toning is very in, which we can see here (the blue and black). I have always loved their walks, and this show had to be high on my favorites list for this season. Tights have also reinvented themselves from school-girl to classic chic. Perfection.

Knit With Love

The big Fall 2007 looks: feathers, vintage wear, suits, and knits. They are repetitive on the runways this season, and soon will be in people's closets as well.

When I think of knits, I invision Grandma's infamous thermal sweaters and cheesy 90's fall wear. But looking at the catwalk this season, I have been proved wrong. To the fullest extent.

The Runway...

Sonia Rykiel. A name you don't hear often but should be heard more. Look at this design. It's sheer genius. Once again, we are seeing the "gentlemen's trousers", as they would call them, sneaking its way into the look. Also this season, we are seeing a lot of gloves. If worn correctly, they can be a knockout.

I love what we have going on with the vintage-y hat. It brings a whole new dimension to an already great outfit. As i posted earlier, grays can be wonderful in an outfit. This is one of those times.

This, clearly, has to be one of my favorites. It goes to show you can be chic, sophisticated, and sexy all at once, while wearing the same color. Who ever knew?

Prada. What I love about them is that they're always try to be the designer that doesn't follow the crowd. This season, while most brands are using one or two colors in an outfit, Muccia decides this time to use 3... or 20. Not only do we have, yes, another gray in this outfit, but every single shade of green you can come up with is present as well.

Another big thing I'm seeing this season is what I like to call "contrast blending". It's taking two totally different colors, but making them work... not to mention look good in an outfit. Like here. If you can see, the pumps she has on are a deep creme color. Where does that color show up in that outfit? Basically no where. But they still make it work. And look damn good. Hate to mention it again, but the gloves are here. And very funky ones, may I add.

Well Prada has done it again for me. But what do you expect from such a prestigious designer?

Peter Som. I have been a fan of this man for quite a while. His simplistic yet captivating style has graced the catwalk for countless years, but in my opinion, has not gotten nearly enough praise as they should get.

Quite often, he will pair a color with its metallic. In this look, it's the gray Grandpa cardigan with its metallic, which would be a semi-matted silver. It creates such a simple yet busy look.

Flowy tops and skinny legged pants are very in this season. It definately makes an interesting look. I know a lot of people are opposed to it, but I am a major fan. At least its something different than the generic and overdone tight with tight look. I am in love.

Haute Couture Vintage Cross-Dressing?

Not exactly... but close. Vintage tuxes for women are... surprisingly in! From Fendi to Burberry, each and every designer this season has put out their own line of unisex tuxedos.

Could I pull off the tuxedo look? Er, not exactly, but the models showcasing it make it look like a luxurious silk Versace gown. Well, that is their job after all.

Most of these tuxedos are modeled after the 1920's and 1940's era. Some are very flapper-like, showing off 20's style, while some can remind you of the glamorous Hollywood days of the 1940's. Even though I am a lover of those two times, you wouldn't catch me dead in one of these. I apologize.

For those of you who haven't been watching the runway shows this season, here are the basic looks for the tuxes:

You have the 1940's doctor style. Very masculine, yet feminine looking if you know what to pair it with. Edgy is the word here (photo: Rag & Bone Fall 2007 runway).

Then you will see the 20's, 30's, and 40's based suits made to model around the time of women independence. Time for a little history lesson. During those years when the men left for war, women were often left with their jobs either working in a factory or as a welder. We couldn't dress the way we used to anymore, in skirts and ornate blouses. So along with the men's work jobs, we picked up their clothing as well.

Long dresses soon became pants and dress blouses became plain shirts. This tux, done by Salvatore Ferragamo, puts the emphasis on that era.

Move Over Black...

There's a new classic. Everyone knows the "it" color for fall is gray. But can everyone pull gray off? Even i was skeptical at first, but after seeing the often bland color starring on runway after runway, I began to see how colorful it can really be.

Take it to the Runway...

Marc Jacobs. I have to say that this is one of my favorite Fall 2007 looks. I am a major fan of the 20’s flapper style and this just brings me right back. I love how he paired the look with patent leather shoes to bring some modern look into it. Patent leather, by the way, is also sticking around for fall.

Dior. How fabulous is that? Don’t you just wish you could walk down the street looking like that without people thinking you’re on crack? Or killing you for it? I do! Again, I’m seeing a very 20’s or 40's-esque vibe. Although it’s a little too early to tell, fashion experts are predicting the bohemian-chic style is going to fade, and the way back vintage style taking its place. I sure hope so. Oh that darn Galliano has done it again.

Vera Wang. I absolutely love this chic, dressy, yet casual look. The flowiness of the top paired with the pants, which are not quite straight and not quite wide-legged, give this awesome mid-point look. The belt accentuates the matted grays and charcoals which makes them pop. And I just love that coat. It pulls the whole outfit together. Thumbs up to Vera.

Maurizio Pecoraro. Pure genius. I adore the coat. Its shape is compelling. Its collar is irresistible. Hands down. And do we see the vintage curls? Uh huh. Sorry to bring it up again for all you bohemians. Classic is officially back.