A Kate Spade Tote That Packs a Punch

It isn't so often that designer Kate Spade steps into the limelight, so when she does you know people are going to notice.

What exaclty did she do? No, she didn't star in any famous "tapes", get drunk and go to jail, or even flash anyone, but she did come out with this bag that truly makes a statement.

So what does it say that's getting so much attention? The answer is, "Material Luxuries". Okay, okay... I think a lot more people would get the point if the tote itself was cheap (being it would knock designer goods), but that is not the case. This tote is a whopping $145.00.

Want to get one? Well good luck! Right now only 50 are out and only available through a "special source", and unfortunately, Ms. Spade isn't putting out many more. But a thousand or so of these special totes will be released later this month on here website,
www.katespade.com .

What do you think? Would you pay that money?


Belle said...

hey! great blog, I would not pay that much for a tote bag, personally a $20 tote bag is fine for me.

jenn said...

It's not anything revolutionary, she's just jumped on the bandwagon. Old news as well.