Want Fur?

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Can I interest you in a fur coat now? Boycott it.


lalaliu said...

sure I'd love to exchange links! faux fur for me please :)

Bianca said...

Hey i love ur blog. Would u like to link?

SICK. said...

i refuse to wear fur.
i haven't even watched that video you've posted yet, but i know for a fact i won't wear fur.

i love animals too much to wear them.
the pain they have to go through just because we want to look good makes absolutely no sense, and says a lot about who we are as humans.

i'd be vegetarian if i were allowed, but my parents won't let me.


ps we'd love to exchange links with you !!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

No to fur!!!

the iron chic said...

On top of everything, fur coats are ugly.
I linked you!

Trendinista said...

I have a cousin in Camrose, Alberta, Canada that does this for a living. Let's just say that I've boycotted him (in addition to fur).

Bri.... said...


I don't do fur. I haven't watched the video but I understand the suffering animals go through enough to not need to.

chai said...

how about the Olsen twins? the no.1 celebrity who wears fur as their fashion...and PETA already prohibited using animal fur in making clothes..

I also want to have a link exchange with you..here's my blog Luxury Clothing Collection

I'll wait for your response.. Thanks!

Gloria said...

Thanks for bringing this up. I feel more bloggers should be conscientious, like you. :)

ps. would you like to link exchange?