I Couldn't Find a Shirt I Liked So...

I made my own. How Martha Stewart of me.

A couple of weeks ago I browsed numerous stores in New York and couldn't find any graphic tees that even slightly interested me; so on the way home I stopped in a Duane Reade and picked up permanent acrylic paint, 3 white Hanes tees, a paintbrush, a black Sharpie, and some Tic Tacs (no, you don't need the Tic Tacs, I was just in the mood) to make my tee.

When I showed one on the Teen Vogue Forums, a lot of people asked how I would wear it. I made the design on them quite small because I plan on belting the tee, putting a colorful cardigan on top, adding some black skinnies, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and a pair of flats. Some also asked what size shirt they should get. I got a size medium mens and I'm an XS women's. I wanted it to be a little baggy, and plus when I wear it with a belt, the whole tee is going to become shorter, so a medium would do. From that, if you want to wear it the same way I do, you should be able to figure out your size.

CSS is a band. And they rock.

I decided to make a face on one because I always found them interesting for whatever twisted reason.

Like or no?