Vena Cava Heats Up The Runway

Vena Cava is a company that has played it low-key for awhile. As a matter of fact, before this new line, I never even knew who they were; and what I was missing out on. Their style is quite a simple one for the runway, most of their outfits containing only ruffled blouses and skirts. But with this new company, simplicity is key.

The jumper in this shot is wonderful. Although you cannot see in this photo, it has a split-leg and quite thick straps. I even love the color. The next element is the jacket, which I absolutely love. Although it is leather, it isn't motorcycle grunge, and that's quite important; it's not over-the-top. Although they aren't very visible in this shot, the shoes are incredible. While from this photograph they look like quite the mannish shoe, that is not the case. It has a lot of cute perforations that ease down the masculinity.

Now I must admit I don't like these pieces together, but as separates they can look incredible. Let's start with the top. If we untie it, I think it would be much more desirable. I love the color; and although you cannot notice, the sleeves are stitched at that length. I love the skirt, but in fact, I love all skirts like it. What can I say? Matted-neon skirts are my calling. The way it pleats in the middle is wonderful. The bag is quite an interesting shape as well. Although I do have to say, I'm not too crazy for the shoes. But all in all, it's a great look.

I'm going to start right off by saying I do not like the pants. The color is ugly to me, and reminds me more of a western/cowboy look than designer wear. But that blouse is gorgeous, and I love the blue hue. What's interesting about the top is they didn't overdo the ruffles like many designers usually do. The ruffles only appear in the middle. Now these shoes I like. You don't get a good look at them, but they are some amazing metallic. Beautiful.


schminnie said...

Wow, I actually like all of that.

OhRedLipstick said...

Wow! That's some awesome designs. Check out my blog:

p.s. it's voguesterr from teenvogue :]

Anonymous said...

i love your blog, keep it up<3

jenn said...

Wow, i really like this line a lot!

Wendiva said...

because of your post, i will now check out vena cava!! very very cute stuff!!