Spring '08 Trend Report: Lingerie Inspired Wear

Trend #1 for Spring '08: Lingerie Inspired Wear.

The idea of waking up, putting on a pair of my favorite pumps or flats, and walking out the door truly appeals to me. Well of course you can't do that exactly, but designers these days are making it easier and easier to have it feel that way. We introduce to you lingerie inspired wear.

So who makes it? Let's face it, it's not every day you walk into a store that carries these pieces. Well there are incredible designers that both make and carry these lovely facets to any one's wardrobe... Sophie Simmons (as seen in NYLON) and Fleur Wood.

So is the difference between them? Well Sophie Simmons definitely has a more lingerie look to her articles because they are made of a sheerer fabric (warning: some pieces ARE see through so leggings and tank tops as underwear are suggested). Whereas Fleur Wood's fabrics are thicker and have more of an "actual clothing" feel to them. It's a matter of which feel you prefer. Fleur Wood's line can be viewed at www.fleurwood.com and Sophie Simmons collections can be viewed at www.dessousnyc.com.

Fleur Wood Lace Neck Yoke Tunic.

Fleur Wood Talisha Dress.

Sophie Simmons Colette Shorts.

Sophie Simmons Samantha Romper.


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