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Interview Inquiries

I feel so guilty. I want to come back but I honestly don't have the time with prim. always on my hands.

But I do want to clear one thing up because I'm getting emailed constantly about it:
If you would like to interview me for your blog because of prim., please send an email to or . I'll respond ASAP unless I'm absolutely swamped with work.

Be back soon.



Getting back to the blog; take THREE.

Prim's June/July cover.

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I Couldn't Find a Shirt I Liked So...

I made my own. How Martha Stewart of me.

A couple of weeks ago I browsed numerous stores in New York and couldn't find any graphic tees that even slightly interested me; so on the way home I stopped in a Duane Reade and picked up permanent acrylic paint, 3 white Hanes tees, a paintbrush, a black Sharpie, and some Tic Tacs (no, you don't need the Tic Tacs, I was just in the mood) to make my tee.

When I showed one on the Teen Vogue Forums, a lot of people asked how I would wear it. I made the design on them quite small because I plan on belting the tee, putting a colorful cardigan on top, adding some black skinnies, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and a pair of flats. Some also asked what size shirt they should get. I got a size medium mens and I'm an XS women's. I wanted it to be a little baggy, and plus when I wear it with a belt, the whole tee is going to become shorter, so a medium would do. From that, if you want to wear it the same way I do, you should be able to figure out your size.

CSS is a band. And they rock.

I decided to make a face on one because I always found them interesting for whatever twisted reason.

Like or no?

New Years Eve Outfit

I usually don't do outfit posts, actually I never have; but today is the exception. It's quite early, about 12 o'clock here in New York, but in a little while I will be heading over to the city to celebrate the new year. So it's quite obvious I have no time to write today; but nonetheless, I wanted to post. So here is my ever-so-wonderful New Year's Eve outfit.

Happy New Years Eve! Comment.

Dress and Necklace: Urban Outfitters. Tights and Tie (turned into a waistband): American Apparel. Flats: Calvin Klein.

Want Fur?

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Can I interest you in a fur coat now? Boycott it.

My Inspiration That Was a Teacup

It's pretty ironic actually... I was inspired by my last post. After I wrote it, I immediately started hunting through the internet looking for more inspirational photographs, but I found none that had that special spark. Then I became hungry and went into my kitchen.
On my walk over, I was met by a dainty discontinued vintage teacup. Now usually I would walk right by it, but today I started gazing at it, truly noticing its beauty.
I stared at it long enough to notice that this little teacup had the most amazing color scheme that I could ever find; a matted gold paired with royal blue and a hint of gray. I fell in love and raced over to the internet to make up my soon-to-be outfit. This, I could find.

American Apparel Cardigan. Patterned Shirt from random vintage store. Aviators from Ray-Ban. Accessories and non-skirt from Urban Outfitters. Shoes Calvin Klein. Ribbed Tights Ellen Tracy.

Please forgive me for the absolutely horrid photo; it's me and my awesome Photoshop skills. Unfortunately, the Lux Tulip Skirt from Urban Outfitters (a.k.a. my favorite skirt) ripped the day before I took this photo, and therefor, I had no skirt to take the picture with. So I took a picture of me in the outfit without it on then cut my body in half and added it in the middle. So as you can imagine, the whole outfit doesn't lay right, and looks 1,000% better in person but you get the point...
Inspiration is in everything.
(I'll upload the real photo in the sidebar a.s.a.p.)