Galliano Goes All Out... Or Reels Back In.

Yes, all fashion diehards know John Galliano designs clothing that you would never wear outside... unless you want to be labeled a "crack head". I agree. Well, have times changed. John hasn't lost his "Galliano spin" on things, just made them a little easier to swallow. His shirts in his Ready To Wear 2008 line are very asymmetrical, and are actually things that I would wear. Not to mention the heels which are absolutely to die for. Take a look for yourself...

Now, I know what you're thinking. Me + that = how about no. But just separate the pieces (and minus that turban-head), and you have a stunningly beautiful look. I have to say that I'm not a big fan of the skirt, but I would absolutely LOVE that top in another color... which they have. The way the material pulls at the top is just genius. Everything is so eye catching and wonderful. Although I think "Pepto Bismol", or, better yet, "Barbie" , when I look at those heels, I would love to see them in another color. Overall, I love the articles as seperates.

This my favorite look from the collection. So simple, but elegant. The dress itself sheds a hourglass silhouette on anyone who wears it, and that is truly what makes this style so unique... its universal look and appeal. Red and black is a color combination that always is appealing to me. The heels are absolutely incredible, and, if paired with the right dress (which it is), can tone and slim your legs without you even having to move a muscle. Looks like these always show that John Galliano really IS a true fashion genius.

You know you've truly mastered fashion when you take a very basic color (like black), and make it into something truly elaborate and loud. When Galliano designs clothing, he always creates a focal point, something you WILL look at... whether it be a vivid color scheme or pronounced beading. Here, it is shown through ruffles. Imagine these dresses and jackets without ruffles? What would they be? Just a plain article of clothing. By adding the ruffles, he totally accentuates the pieces themselves down to every last detail. Even the shoes have a little unusual look to them. If you look quickly, the shoes themselves are actual Celtic, Irish Step Dancing shoes. But look a little closer, and you will see that those shoes have tiny platforms at the bottom. Once again, Galliano takes a rather ordinary item and "kicks" it up a notch. Another flawless look.


Jackie said...

VERY nice post!!!

but i think John Galliano should have made something wild and wacky. its always good for inspiration

Holly ♥ said...

Tone down some of those outfits and they can be very appropriate!