In Demand Items

We all have wishlists, some more expensive than others. These items were the most google'd, inquired about, and sought for pieces throughout the fashion world. Take a desirous look.

K Karl Lagerfeld Veronique Bow Shirt... I love this. It's simple yet classy; subtle AND statement worthy. It's one of those shirts I would pay anything for... and you don't even need to shell out that much. Okay, it isn't exactly cheap, but for a blouse like this I'd pay the $400.00. I love the shade... it goes with every hair color perfectly. If the bow wasn't there, the shirt would be nothing; it creates a focal point. Lagerfeld makes the most beautiful tops.

3.1 Philip Lim Box Pleat Trapeze Dress. Now I would go ON a trapeze just to wear this thing. I mean, how wonderful is it? And to make it any better, it's only $350.00. I know it's not pocket change people, but for a couture dress, it's jackpot. The pleats are so feng shui and are placed in just the right places. The neckline on the dress it almost braided which brings attention there. On the end of each sleeve lies almost ruched material. It's simply gorgeous.

Leave it to John Galliano to take the mess of pearls you pull out of your jewelry box and make it into a couture masterpiece. I mean, I love it. It's incredible. But when you wear something like this, the rest of your outfit needs to be toned down; it can't be too busy. I'm never really willing to tone down my outfits for one accessory, but there's always an exception to the rule, right? The jewel's lucidity allows it to mock the colors your wearing in your outfit. I would love to have it, but I wouldn't even want to guess the price, because everything on this necklace is real... including those colossal jewels. I would love to say "you can keep it", but I really can't lie here. I want it!!

Can you believe it's Burberry? It's a far leap from their conservative bags, right? But like everything else, it comes with a price tag. The Burberry Knight Bag goes for a whopping $3,000.00. Is it worth it? Not really to me. While the bag is spacious, it lacks compartments and the fact that I hate studs doesn't help either. I love overstated bags, but this is too much for me.

These are THE pumps everyone wants... the Brian Atwood "Nico"s. How cool are they? These pumps catch the attention of everyone within a 10,000 foot radius of you. They come in other colors as well. Other than the look, let's get into the science (oh, god) of this shoe. The top lift, or "peg" that the shoe sits on has been tested to give the utmost support, which is so so helpful. There's nothing worse than walking down 5th Avenue and having your top lift fall off; talk about a nightmare. Bottom line, I love this shoe... like I didn't say it already.


geraldine said...

I absolutely love that necklace. And the shoes are beautiful, I'd love them in purple satin. :)

Karoline said...

The dress is amazing. Loving it!

WendyB said...

That shade of green is stunning.

Kristin said...

yes, those shoes are darling

Heather said...

Love the Phillip Lim dress, the necklace, and the shoes!

Kate said...

i like the necklace and dres and i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes :)