Ports 1961

No, Ports 1961 might not be consitered high fashion right now, but give this, chic, revamped company a few more years and they will surely make a name for themselves in the world of fashion.

Head designer, Tia Cibani, totally reworked the outdated company and bought it to a fresh new start. Whenever you crossbreed rich, sultry, ruby toned dresses with classic designs you know the combination will be deadly and leave people wanting more... much more. That's exactly what they did... let's hope their Cruise Collections of '08 live up to the expectations of hungry fashionistas.

Their ruby-toned dresses are just to die for. Unlike other gowns of today that seem to be very trendy, I can see this dress being worn next year, or even five years from now. It has some shape to it, but is not too geometric. It is somehow a light-but-dark, mysterious, shade of magenta that draws all the attention on you. The ripples in the fabric are put in all the right places, directing the attention to exactly where you want it. Absolutely extravigant.

Another great addition to the new line was matte, metallic wraps and dresses. Although I'm not crazy about the clunky jewlery paired with it, I am a major fan of the gloves. Not only does it match perfectly, but it adds an element to the whole look that the wrap does not draw in. A perfect evening look.

Aside from matted colors, the metallics themselves also peeked through the line this season. I agree, silver and gold metallics can be very cheesy and way overdone, but the colors that made this line were extremely flattering and classic. Although these dresses aren't the classic type that seem to be everywhere today, they're flying off the racks at Sak's starting at $650.00 a pop. But for that lovely look, I'd pay anything.

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