Verrier. Simplistic.Runway.Chic.

Runways this season are doused with emphatic clothing and all types of pronounced wear. Let's face it. It is beautiful, and ornate, but would you ever wear it? Some things are a little too outlandish for me! That's when I start looking at Verrier; what I like to call simplistic, runway chic. Their clothing looks like something you would pick up in a high-end boutique, but what I love about this company is they can still rock their styles on the runway. Their designs have not made it big time yet, but I have a feeling a major breakthrough is coming soon.

Verrier is often known as the "basic(s) geniuses", and you can clearly see how they got that name through looks like these. Verrier takes simple articles of clothing and string them together to make some killer combinations. Although I never was, or ever will be, a fan of single-colored ensembles, when paired with a stunning jacket like this, the whole outfit can pop. It's (the jacket's) scoop neck and 3/4 sleeve give it a spring-y look which will look superb in the months to come. Overall, I love it... now all you need is a vibrant bag and to die for shoes, another excuse to go shopping.

Along with making casual pieces, Verrier does offer some evening and dressy attire as well. It seems designers this season are pairing the same colors together; here navy and navy. No matter what is and is not in, I will always mix and match colors. But getting beyond the colors here, these are simply beautiful pieces. I adore this skirt, which is quite versatile itself. Its ruched texture gives it a dressy look which can easily be pulled off. The top itself also has a unique texture. Although you cannot see in this picture, the shirt does elongate which also increases its versatility. The V-neck style is definitely making a comeback and can be spotted in the most anticipated spring '08 lines.

This is actually my favorite look. The ruched blouse paired with the asymetrical skirt give a sophisticated and classy vibe. The colors are absolutely superb paired together, not to mention I love the shape that this outfit makes. I'm going to be perfectly honest by saying not everyone can pull this look off, but if you can, the results will be very rewarding. This outfit is a show stopper on the street... a double take. Make the street your runway.


Stephanie said...

Sorry, but i just really don't feel like wearability is the point of most designer collections...anyway basically anything can be wearable, as long as you can pull it off.

Miu Miu's Atelier said...

i love the dress and the green skirt...if you have confidence and love what your wearing you can pull anything off

Miu Miu's Atelier said...

oh don't worry i won't yell at you but my name is on the header it's Miuccia's Atelier...glad to know you love my blog i like yours as well

The Clothes Horse said...

that ruched shirt and skirt are a perfect combination for spring. I also like the unexpected color choice, just slightly off-kelter in an excellent way.