The Items for Fall '07... That You Can Really Afford.

So people have been contacting me like crazy to do a post like this, and yes, I do listen to you. So here it is. The "it" items for Fall '07... all for less.

1. Vintage Cardigans. Yes, some of them are making a comeback out of your Grandpa's closet. Seen all over the runway, this look is definitely in. Here are a few pieces you'd love to purchase.

Grandpa Vintage Cardigan. Available from Forever 21. Colors: Gray (pictured) and Black. $15.

Elsa Cardigan. Available at Forever 21. Colors: Eggplant (pic), Cream, and Olive. $25.

Cable Cardigan. Available at Forever 21. Colors: Black (pic). $27.80 .

Kimichi & Blue Long Shawl Collar Cardigan. Available at Urban Outfitters. Colors: Gray (pic), Bright Blue, and Black. 50% off for $30.

2. Metallic and Patent Leather Flats. I have 3 pairs, and I love them. Practical, yet stylish... casual, yet somewhat dressy. They're perfect for a day of lying around the house and going out to a party. Well worth the money.

Lakeland Flats. Available at Nine West. Colors: Gold (pic), Gunmetal, and Silver. On Sale for $30.

Lavetta Flats. Available at Nine West. Colors: White, Soft Orange, Blue, and Black (pic). On Sale for $30-$50.

Fairytales Are True Ballerina Metallic Flat. Available at Urban Outfitters. Colors: Gold (pic), Red, and Silver. On Sale for $38.

3. Big/Cocktail Rings. One of this season's biggest accessories... and to think you don't even need to pay the big price.

Big Stone Ring. Available at Forever 21. $3.80

True Silver Button Ring. Available at Nine West. $25.

Large Vintage Ring. Available at Urban Outfitters. $16.

3 Piece Stacking Ring Set. Available at Kohl's. $7.

4. The "Men's" Look. Here are some items you can wear to achieve this trendy look without breaking the bank.

Striped Linen Pant. Available at Forever 21. Colors: Charcoal (pic). $28.

Herringbone Vest. Available at Forever 21. Colors: Brown (pic). $19.

Bandolino "Cecilea" Bootie. Available at Macy*s. Colors: Black (pic) and Brown. $79.

Rampage Women's Ego. Available From Colors: Gray (pic) and Black. $55.

Halter Vest. Available at Mandees. Colors: Black (pic). $24.

Self Belt Pant (With Removable Belt). Available at Mandees. Colors: Gray (pic). $28.

5. Gloves. The biggest look of the season. So elegant, yet practical. These prices aren't exactly the lowest, but because they're so in demand, these are the lowest prices you are going to find right now. Since this was a post where items were supposed to be reasonable, a lot of beautiful gloves weren't posted due to the price.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but check your local Halloween/Costume store. There were so many metallic opera gloves on costume sites that looked like pretty good quality. Please note that more gloves are also available from It is a reliable site.

Super Long Black Matte Satin Opera Length Shirred Gloves. Available from . Colors: Black (pic). $32.

6. Ribbed Tights. Another of this season's hot accessories... with a hefty price tag. I'm probably wondering the same as you... ribbed tights for $50? WHAT!? For something that will rip? Forget it.

These are all I could find online, but I can guarantee your local Tooties/Hosiery shop will have them for a much lower price.

Tights Ribbed Black Opaque Extra Thick and Warm. Available From Colors: Black (pic). $8.

Ribbed Tights. Available At Avenue Stores ( Colors: Demitasse (pic) and Black. $12.

7. Lame/Metallic Skirts. Spotted on the hottest fashion runways, lame skirts have made a comeback. Although these articles of clothing are often sought as cheesy, if worn the right way, they can become a knockout.

Lame Late Night Skirt. Available at American Apparel. Colors: Gold (pic) and Matte Black. $32 .

I contacted American Apparel and they said they will have "puffy" metallic/lame skirts available within the next month. So when they send me the information I requested, I will post it right away.

8. Hats. That right there is THE accessory this season. And there's one style to go with every look ...

Parkhurst Beret. Available from . Colors: White, Natural, Sandstone, Navy, Black, Red, Heather Blue (pic), and Turquoise. $13.

Solid Wool Buck Band Jet Hat. Available from Mandees. Colors: Gray (pic) and Black (very reminiscent of the Burberry FW 2007 Hats on the Runway) . $12 .

Many Hats are Sold Out so When They Become Available Again, I Will Post More.

Didn't See The Things You Wanted Posted? Questions? Comments? Opinions? Contact and I'll Get Back To You. You Might Even See What You Want in The Next Post (in this series) Within the Next Month.


Anonymous said...

great blog! i love the cardigans! forever 21 rocks. and so does your blog :P
just a little note: alot of that stuff can be found at target also for rather cheap prices! :]

Ana said...

cocktail rings are my obsession!

Naroniel said...

I love this list! so perfect! gaahaaa. Love the boots and rings. The vest is sooo cool too. :P
haha, i'm in love. =D

Naroniel said...

I would love to exchange links! I'll add you. :)

Jackie said...

very very very nice post.

great places and great prices!