Knit With Love

The big Fall 2007 looks: feathers, vintage wear, suits, and knits. They are repetitive on the runways this season, and soon will be in people's closets as well.

When I think of knits, I invision Grandma's infamous thermal sweaters and cheesy 90's fall wear. But looking at the catwalk this season, I have been proved wrong. To the fullest extent.

The Runway...

Sonia Rykiel. A name you don't hear often but should be heard more. Look at this design. It's sheer genius. Once again, we are seeing the "gentlemen's trousers", as they would call them, sneaking its way into the look. Also this season, we are seeing a lot of gloves. If worn correctly, they can be a knockout.

I love what we have going on with the vintage-y hat. It brings a whole new dimension to an already great outfit. As i posted earlier, grays can be wonderful in an outfit. This is one of those times.

This, clearly, has to be one of my favorites. It goes to show you can be chic, sophisticated, and sexy all at once, while wearing the same color. Who ever knew?

Prada. What I love about them is that they're always try to be the designer that doesn't follow the crowd. This season, while most brands are using one or two colors in an outfit, Muccia decides this time to use 3... or 20. Not only do we have, yes, another gray in this outfit, but every single shade of green you can come up with is present as well.

Another big thing I'm seeing this season is what I like to call "contrast blending". It's taking two totally different colors, but making them work... not to mention look good in an outfit. Like here. If you can see, the pumps she has on are a deep creme color. Where does that color show up in that outfit? Basically no where. But they still make it work. And look damn good. Hate to mention it again, but the gloves are here. And very funky ones, may I add.

Well Prada has done it again for me. But what do you expect from such a prestigious designer?

Peter Som. I have been a fan of this man for quite a while. His simplistic yet captivating style has graced the catwalk for countless years, but in my opinion, has not gotten nearly enough praise as they should get.

Quite often, he will pair a color with its metallic. In this look, it's the gray Grandpa cardigan with its metallic, which would be a semi-matted silver. It creates such a simple yet busy look.

Flowy tops and skinny legged pants are very in this season. It definately makes an interesting look. I know a lot of people are opposed to it, but I am a major fan. At least its something different than the generic and overdone tight with tight look. I am in love.


Naroniel said...

Ooh, I love all of them! My favorite would be the Peter Som.

la petite fashionista said...

Seeing all these knits on the runway makes me wish i had a gramma who would crochet me cute sweaters & scarves haha :)

Serena said...

love all of it! but i've got some suggestions of wat is also gonna be hot this fall

- cardigans
- over-sized tees
- more skinnies! this time in gray
- Nike dunks
- blazers

Ana said...

love the blog.ill link you. return the favor? :-)

riz said...

peter som doesn't really get as much press as he should...awesome blog - luvs it. I found it, so check out mine. and keep up the great work.

Kat said...

I really like this post. That Sonia Rykiel ensemble is gorgeous, I'm in love too! I love thick, oversized grey cardigans, they're just so verastile.

riz said...

totally...I found you blog via teen vogue, under all your posts :) you definitely know what's up! (linked)