Move Over Black...

There's a new classic. Everyone knows the "it" color for fall is gray. But can everyone pull gray off? Even i was skeptical at first, but after seeing the often bland color starring on runway after runway, I began to see how colorful it can really be.

Take it to the Runway...

Marc Jacobs. I have to say that this is one of my favorite Fall 2007 looks. I am a major fan of the 20’s flapper style and this just brings me right back. I love how he paired the look with patent leather shoes to bring some modern look into it. Patent leather, by the way, is also sticking around for fall.

Dior. How fabulous is that? Don’t you just wish you could walk down the street looking like that without people thinking you’re on crack? Or killing you for it? I do! Again, I’m seeing a very 20’s or 40's-esque vibe. Although it’s a little too early to tell, fashion experts are predicting the bohemian-chic style is going to fade, and the way back vintage style taking its place. I sure hope so. Oh that darn Galliano has done it again.

Vera Wang. I absolutely love this chic, dressy, yet casual look. The flowiness of the top paired with the pants, which are not quite straight and not quite wide-legged, give this awesome mid-point look. The belt accentuates the matted grays and charcoals which makes them pop. And I just love that coat. It pulls the whole outfit together. Thumbs up to Vera.

Maurizio Pecoraro. Pure genius. I adore the coat. Its shape is compelling. Its collar is irresistible. Hands down. And do we see the vintage curls? Uh huh. Sorry to bring it up again for all you bohemians. Classic is officially back.

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Ana said...

i have a thing for gray so nice post. very polished.