Fakes Are Never In Fashion

Fakes are never in fashion. It's a bold statement. One of which Harper's Bazaar is willing to make. With the launch of the magazine empire's new site, more focus is being drawn to the fraudulent ways of fashion.

With luxury good prices soaring at an alarming rate, more and more middle-class citizens cannot afford to buy their favorite brand's bag anymore. So where do they turn? Fake goods.

Is it a right? Or a wrong? Is it preference? Or a downright choice? These are all questions running through fashionista's minds at the moment.

With child laboring rates at an all-time high in China, where most of the fakes are made, can we really be that selfish to have these children work night and day to produce something superficial, that in our minds will make us feel more important or valuable? Think about it.

To anonymously report a fake visit www.fakesareneverinfashion.com to join the revolution.


StyleDiva said...

yeah i totally agree!! fakes show total disrespect to the designers and everyone else involved in getting the product out there.
nice blog by the way!


geraldine said...

You have a good writing style, polished and journalistic (if that's the right word).

Keep it up!


la petite fashionista said...

fakes have their positives and negatives. the negatives (child labor, copying designers' works, and the fact they are illegal) far outweigh the positives (lookalike bags for cheap!). It would be easier to say no if designer's bags were more affordable though :/

xoxo, lauren

SarahBrooke` said...

Love your blog! And this post on fake bags is awsome! I wante dto do an article about that on my blog too. Very nice! Drop by my blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't like fakes and don't think it's fair to the designer, but as for child labor... A lot of workers for a lot of companies work under bad conditions, not just those making fakes. And, sadly, if those children don't have those jobs, they will be on the streets begging, stealing, etc. to make a living because they have few alternatives. I'm not supporting child labor and I think it's horrible, but I don't agree with that as a rationale for going after fake bags.

Kristin said...

hmm. i agree with anonymous there saying that the designers themselves MIGHT use child labor.

but with fakes, its a given. and besides that, its copying and fake. if i was a designer, i would hate fakes. any normal person would.

people are taking your ideas that you made money off of.

but i do see your point. it is a very controversial subject, and many people are going to have different opinions.